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PRESS RELEASE: June 18, 2010
Contact:  Teresa Mitchell, 315-646-1000 x202

June 22-24 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Reveal & Economic Impact Road Show Visits Six Communities on America's Byway

Sackets Harbor, NY – In tough times, it’s good to have friends working on your behalf to bring travelers and the dollars they spend into your community – communities like Ogdensburg, Sackets Harbor, Webster, and Niagara Falls, NY and Erie, PA and all those in-between.

June 22-24 Great Lakes Seaway Trail “Great Reveal” and economic impact road show events along the freshwater shoreline of New York and Pennsylvania will showcase the Great Lakes Seaway Trail byway’s exciting new look as the byway’s leaders share the latest news of how the not-for-profit tourism organization benefits the America’s Byway region through its branded travel and tourism initiatives and by enhancing the lifestyle of the byway region.

The public is welcome at the 90-minute events that will:
… officially announce the new Great Lakes Seaway Trail name capitalizing on the byway’s unique Great Lakes geographical location of interest to travelers worldwide
… showcase projects that are attracting visitors who enjoy America’s “great outdoors” through geocaching, bicycling, and attending living historic reenactments for the War of 1812 and French and Indian War
… reveal a new look for the 32-year-old byway, its membership-based organization and the educational Seaway Trail Foundation based in Sackets Harbor, NY
… encourage participation in program partnership opportunities and invite local
businesses and community leaders to become members of the not-for-profit tourism organization
… include “Spin the Wheel” to win Great Lakes Seaway Trail-branded prizes
… giveaway of Great Lakes Seaway Trail new look branded chocolate bars made on
the byway
… offer networking time.

In the past five years Seaway Trail, Inc. has received and completed $1.2 million in federal scenic byway project-based grants. Seaway Trail, Inc. currently has federally-funded economic development projects underway that are Trailwide initiatives attracting new travelers and travel-related revenues into the 86 communities of the 518-mile-long byway along the New York and Pennsylvania Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway shorelines. The projects include interpretation and marketing initiatives.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail “Great Reveal” will take place:

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail byway takes travelers 518 miles along the freshwater shoreline of the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Niagara River, and Lake Erie in NY and PA. The Federal Highway Administration designated the route one of America’s Byways in 1996. It is also a National Recreation Trail and the Automobile Association of America recognizes the Great Lakes Seaway Trail as a “quintessential” American road trip experience. For more info, contact Great Lakes Seaway Trail, PO Box 660, Ray & West Main St, Sackets Harbor, NY, 315-646-1000. #

Quick Facts about the Great Lakes Seaway Trail:

Old Great Seaway Trail Sign
New Great Lakes Seaway Trail Sign
Look for the new sign coming soon!